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Reports from the Trenches: 
FEX Lead Generation Masterclass Agent Reviews

"Leads are the lifeblood of our business. I was looking for a better way to have control of the flow and of my business. These guys have been non stop help and support for my business. This is going to give you A-Z of everything you need to get going, it's the easiest program I have ever seen. I have been consistently been generating leads for under $5! "

-Dave M.

"With my agency Pinnacle Quote, these guys have been a huge part of our lead generation. They have been a vital piece to our success. I can assure you that this program and this relationship will become a major positive impact on your business."

-Danny Ray 
Agency Owner 
Pinnacle Quote

"Update on how AD ASSASSINS just kicks ASS!! Turned my leads on at 11:20pm last night, We wrote 4700AP today off the leads!! Been going at it since 8:30am, we should have done a lot more!! Half my day was maintaining my Term business. ROI is 28-1!! We still haven't reached out to 1/3 of the leads. We generated 78 Leads at $2.12 each! Wrote nearly 15K in the first week!"

-Danny R.

"Thank you, Jerry Moore. This rookie had her best day!!!! Wrote $2,796 in AP today and its my first week! So far 62 Leads at $2.28!"

- Lisamarie M.

"Thank you Jerry for all your help! I highly recommend Jerry's one-on-one coaching program to get your FB in kick-ass shape! I've generated 447 Leads at $3.57 average!"

-Leland J.

"Jerry, thank you for all you've done to help me develop my FB lead marketing platform. I appreciate you and look forward to growing. I've gotten 400 Leads at $5.09 a piece" 

-Bruce M.
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